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About Us

Modern Family Company

Fish Farming Tradition

G2O d.o.o. is a modern family-owned company based on a 35-year-old tradition. The current company has evolved from a small family pond with amateurish carp breeding prior to the company establishment. The founders of the company are Ninoslav and Danijel Gospić, who grew up by the pond and where we still live nowadays. At present, our activities are divided into our own aquaculture, transfer of breeding technology and fish farm designing. With regards to function, each of the three activities is about as equally as extensive and important.

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Carp Farming

Due to the lack of natural resources (there are only 2.5 ha of water surface at our disposal and a small water source which dries up in summer), we have developed a technology of intensive carp breeding with yield achievement from 5 to 10 t/ha per year. Besides carp, we also breed pike and pike-perch, we used to breed or have been breeding more than 12 indigenous species of fish intended for fish repopulation. For each species we have our own breeding shoal, we self-sufficiently perform controlled spawning, fry breeding, and breeding all categories up to trophy size. Each fish grown at a carp farm is intended for fish repopulation of fishing grounds, its quality exceeding all regulatory norms and expectations (health status, condition, appearance, etc.).

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Recirculation of brown trout

Seven years ago we started breeding brown trout, Danube salmon, and rainbow trout at the newly built farm in Šmarje pri Jelšah. At this location there are similar limited natural resources with 7 l/s of fresh water at our disposal. For this reason, after years of acquiring experience in classical streaming fish farm we have independently designed and constructed a recirculation system with production capacity from 100 t per year. In terms of its capacity, energy consumption, and quality of the final product, recirculation is among the top of the world aquaculture. Trout are sold for consumption and fish repopulation in Slovenia and abroad.

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Technology Transfer and Fish Farm Designing

Unlike most other companies which are involved in the designing of fish farms and technology transfer, our technologies are developed at our own fish farms for competition on the open market. Profitability of our own farms, risk-taking for our own innovations, and accessibility to our information have enabled us to transfer our technology to large carp farms in Croatia, where for the past 4 years we have been controlling the production and development of carp farms in a total area of more than 2500 ha, and production from 2500 to 3000 t of carp per year respectively. Investment in our own recirculation opened up opportunities for fish farm designing with investors in Slovenia and Europe, where we designed and led the construction of numerous recirculations, several of which already being in function. Recently, we designed several recirculations for breeding of sturgeon, African catfish and other species. Beside the construction of new fish farms ("from the scratch"), technical and technological modernizations were performed in a number of existing fish farms.

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